Dunlop D803 trials tires
The tires that have won the last several U.S. Trials National Championships
front $79.95
Rear $110.00
Michelin Trials tires
competition front $109.99
competition rear $159.99
x-lite trials front $114.99
x-lite trials rear $169.99
Pirelli trials tire
Not a true trials tire, but makes an awesome dual sport/trail riding tire
front $89.99
rear $109.99


These tools will make changing your tubeless trials tires a snap


Break those stubborn tubeless tire beads quick and easy with this tire bead breaker



Stubby Tire Tools-Easy to use and won't scratch your rims!

  • Works great on all colored and non-colored aluminum wheels
  • Reduces pinched tubes
  • $34.99


    Tire Mounting Donut

    • A must have for beading a trials tire!
    • $49.99