A few items that are exclusively just for Sherco's

S3 titanium pipe


These header pipes are works of art and the most beautiful header pipe you will ever find. They are extremely light weight and will add performance to your bike along with a very unique sound and exhaust note to your bike. For all Sherco models. $300.00


S3 Head/Head Inserts

Now you can adjust the compression of your bike with these heads and inserts. First you get the head cover for your bike, then you choose a low compression insert to smooth your power out or high compression insert if you want to increase your power output. There is also a standard compression insert if you just want the extra cooling benefits from the increased coolant capacity with these heads. Available for all modern Beta, Gas Gas & Sherco 2 strokes. Head covers and inserts sold separately. Head covers $115-Head inserts $85.00


Fluid level bottles


Sherco Precision Fluid Measurement Kit
Includes 4 bottles for precision measurement of Fork Oil, Coolant, Transmission Fluid and 2-Stroke Mix. All graduated and labeled to specific Sherco models and capacities.

Keeps your fluids seperate with no cross-contamination!

Fluids not included. $21.95

V-Mar case guard


Sherco case guard/master cylinder protector.  Protects your bike in case of chain derailment and also helps prevent the chain from wrapping around the counter shaft sprocket when it comes off the back sprocket. $38.95

V-Mar bar risers


10mm & 15mm bar risers for all '07-'09 Sherco's using the 1-1/8" fat bars. $18.95

Carbon Fiber pipe guard


Carbon Fiber pipe guard for your Sherco $89.95

Sherco frame guards


Protect your frame with these carbon fiber look frame guards. Made out of ABS plastic.

For Sherco 2010 thru current $69.95


Sherco tank cover


Protect the side mounted aluminum tank on your 2010 and newer Sherco with this carbon fiber look cover. Pictured on a 2010 with the side fuel cap, we also have covers with no hole for the 2011 thru current Sherco's with the top fill tank.



Sherco Wiring Harness Eliminator


Works with 1999 to present Sherco's. No more cutting wires. Just unplug all the lights and switches and plug this in. Super Sano Setup!!! $16.95


Keihin 28MM Carburetor


The Best carb for your 2t trials bike. Helps the bike run cleaner and produce smoother power off the bottom that smoothly goes into the mid range and Rev's higher than stock. $160.00

With throttle cable and jetted for your bike (conditions vary and it may need fine tuning for your bike and elevation) $180.00


Spark Arrestor for 2010-11 Sherco. Clean and easy to install.