All Scorpa's are available from Scorpa USA


2012 retail prices

Scorpa SR 125 2t $6,800

Scorpa SR 280 2t $7,700

No four strokes are available at this time

2012 Scorpa SR 280 & 125 2-stroke Competition

For 2012 Scorpa comes back with a Sherco motor for all their 2 stroke models. The new models will be available in 280cc & 125cc versions.  Scorpa's are built in France and now with the lighter, smaller, reliable Sherco motors Scorpa only gets better. 

2012 Scorpa 280cc & 125cc Comp. models

2012 Scorpa 125 & 280 long Ride 2t

A real trials bike with a seat and larger fuel tank

Scorpa 125 & 280 long ride 2t

The Scorpa SY 250f uses a modified version of the Yamaha YZ 250f motor built for trials.  The SY 250f has many distinctive features such as adjustable foot pegs and the under fender mounted muffler. This is a great 4 stroke ride! 

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