Our pegs fit all modern trials bikes


S3 Hard Rock adjustable Steel Pegs

These are some really great pegs, especially for the price. They're nice and wide, the teeth stay sharp, low profile comfortable design. They also hold up well being made of durable steel. You can move the pegs forward or back depending on where you place the washers in the brackets. Available in silver or black $91.00

Buy now for S3 Silver Hard Rock Steel Pegs $111.00. Includes shipping to anywhere in the United States


S3 Hard Rock Aluminum Pegs

Now these are some awesome pegs. Big and wide with allen head screws for teeth to keep you feet in place. Beautifully built and very durable. Available in red, blue & black $165.00



Raptor Titanium

The ultimate foot peg. It doesn't get any better than this. Strong and light titanium with a low and wide cage. This peg should be able to go from one bike to the next with you. $249.00


RYP extra wide pegs


(my personal choice)

Pegs mount 1/2" back & 3/8" lower than standard pegs for increased traction and better balance. Large teeth keep mud out and your feet in place. $175.00

RYP Peg Cages


Your RYP pegs can virtually last forever because if they ever get bent you can just replace the outer stainless steel cage. $38.00