V-Mar products are quality trials products designed and built right here in the USA by a trials enthusiast!


100% Precision CNC machined from 7075 aircraft grade aluminum alloy, you cannot buy a better sprocket. We removed every little bit of material we could to make these sprockets as light as possible, using a unique design to maximize the strength while giving them a very distinctive look.

The key to a long lasting sprocket is the fit where each of the chain rollers fit into the teeth of the sprocket. Unlike stamped or cut sprockets, our fully CNC machined design insures a perfect fit between the chain and the sprocket, as well as the highest quality finish.

Bolt patterns avail include the 6-bolt Montesa pattern, 1997-2004 and the more common 4-bolt pattern used on the Gas Gas, Beta, Scorpa, Sherco and 2005-09 Montesa.

Sizes available in the 4 bolt pattern: 38 40 41 42 43 44 46 48 52


sherco case guard
Scorpa case guard
Montesa case guard

Protect your valuable side case or clutch cylinder against damage from a loose or broken chain on your Montesa 4RT, Sherco (2 or 4 stroke) or Scorpa 4T with our black anodized aluminum case guard. This simple guard could save you hundreds. As with all V-Mar products it comes complete with all new hardware so you are ready to go in less than 5 minutes. $38.95


Triple clamps

Billet triple clamps allow you to install fat bars on the 4 stroke Montesa 4RT,  older Beta Rev3 and Sherco. They also look super trick on your bike, black, red or gold anodized with a fully machined finish. The triple clamps are avail with or without a set of our fat bar mounts.

With all of our triple clamps you have a choice of the standard or the extra tall bar mounts. Adding a set of 10mm or 15mm risers under the bar mounts gives you plenty of options to fine tune the height of your bars. The Montesa clamp will also fit the older Montesa 315 models from 2001-2004.

Triple clamp only $149.95-Triple clamp with bar mount $179.95


Bar risers for Sherco/Gas Gas & V-mar triple clamps. Raise the bars 15mm and come with longer bolts. $14.95



Replace the stock plastic gas cap on your Montesa 4RT with our beautifull machined aluminum cap. Our aluminum cap features a recessed fitting for the vent hose and comes with a new oring seal.



Replace your stock Montesa brake pedal with our beautiful machined billet pedal. The V-Mar pedal is a bit shorter than the stock unit so it is easier to reach, especially if you have moved the foot pegs farther back. The tip is hinged to deflect when you get a little too close. Comes complete with new bearing and seals and a new billet clevis. CNC machined from 6061 and 7075 aluminum and black anodized.

Fits all Montesas from 1997-2009 including the 4RT. $149.95


These replacement rear shock linkages are designed to reposition the rear shock in order to give the rear end of the Montesa a slight lift, and slightly stiffer feel. It eliminates the rear end sag and gives the bike a more lively rear suspension. Giving you improved 'hop' without sacrificing the excellent rear end traction. CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and black anodized.

Fits all Montesas from 1997-2007 including the 4RT



Replace your stock rubber chain guide with our super tough UHMW plastic guide. UHMW is an extremely tough industrial plastic that 'lubes like oil and wears like iron.' It is very slick and very tough at the same time. We have two sizes available, the standard width to replace the stock rubber guide using the standard chain, and a wider version designed for use with an o-ring chain. As with all V-Mar products, the chain guides come complete with all new mouting hardware. $20

Reservoir Caps


Master cylinder reservoir caps with the TEC-Cycles logo. Available in Black, Gold & Red 

Replace your stock plastic brake and clutch reservoir caps with our beautiful and strong aluminum caps. Two sizes are avail to fit the larger 54mm long AJP master cylinders, or the newer, smaller 42mm master cylinders.

CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and black anodized.  Also available by special order with Sherco, Montesa, Gas Gas, or Beta logos.  $24.95 each


Replace the stock rubber carb adapter on the Gas Gas with our nice machined aluminum adapter. The V-Mar adapter is a bit longer than stock, making it easier to install the airbox, held on with three set screw (included) and sealed with an o-ring (also included) The inner profile is a true velocity stack shape, CNC machined to guide the air into the carb.

Fits all Gas Gas trials bikes. $49.95


Our newest Snail cam is desigend specifically for the Montesa. We cut in a recess to lock in the axle, and counterbore the other snail so the axle nut will fully thread onto the axle.
Starting in '07 the GasGas uses a newly designed axle that presses onto one snail and uses a 10mm allen head bolt on the other. Just tap the original snail off of your stock axle, then tap the axle into the new V-Mar snail. We even supply a new low profile button head bolt for the other side.
All of our Snail Cams are designed to look cool, as well as give more adjustment to the rear wheel. When changing to a smaller sprocket the stock cams are often too small to allow you to take out all the slack in the chain. CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and come black, red or gold anodized.



The latest from V-Mar are our rubber valve stem caps. For quick tire pressure adjustments just pull them off and push them back on. And to make sure you are not digging around in the dirt looking for your cap after you drop it, we built our caps with a retaining strap. Avail in Black, Red, Blue and Yellow. Sold in pairs $3.95

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