Beta trials bikes are high quality hand built bikes from Italy. They have a beautifully built aluminium frame that incorporates the gas tank as part of the frame. The Beta company has been in business for over 100 years.

2014 Beta pricing

50cc minitrial $2,499--EVO80 Jr $3,999--Evo80 $4,599

Evo125cc $6,899--Evo200cc $6,999

Evo250cc $7,800--Evo300cc $7,900

Evo250cc 4 stroke $7,999--Evo300cc 4 stroke $7,999

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2014 Beta's

If you would like to have your new Beta setup and tricked out by the factory check out the "Build Your Own Beta" or B.Y.O.B. program here

Beta with the optional seat and larger tank

The 2 stroke Beta EVO's are available in 125cc, 200cc, 250cc & 300cc. They all feature the same frame and components. The 125 is for younger riders just coming off the 80 or smaller beginner riders. The 200 is an awesome bike for new or even experienced trials rider looking for a bike with smooth easy to use power yet is plenty capable for even the upper levels of trials. The 250 has very smooth power and the 300 works well for most riders from Sportsman through the upper level riders.



The Beta Minitrial is a 50cc trials bike perfect for the 5-8 year old depending on the riders size.  It features an Automatic clutch, front and rear disc brakes. The Minitrial weights just under 100 pounds and has a 14" rear wheel & a 16" front wheel.  This is the best way to get a youngster started in trials. Minitrial specs click here

Ty on his Beta 80 at age 8

The Evo 80's are really awesome bikes! Our son Ty rode one for a number of years and we couldn't have asked more out of a kids bike. The power is very strong, smooth and easy to use. It has a 6-speed transmission and manual clutch just like the big bikes. With it's power it makes it very easy for a kid to learn to use the clutch. The chassis is nicely sized for kids 7-10 years old. It turns very tight yet is capable of going up some pretty large obstacles! The JR. has 19" front & 17" rear wheels as well as smaller shorter suspension. The standard has full size 21" front & 18" rear wheels and full length suspension. Weight is around 130 pounds. Click here for JR specs   Click here standard model specs