American Beta is offering an all new model that will stand out from the rest! We call it the Evo 300 Super Smooth,

or “SS” . We added just the right options to create a bike that is super easy to ride. If you have a rider that feels that

his or her current bike is “too fast” in the sections, the new Evo SS is the bike they need!

2014 Evo 300 SS Includes:

Titanium head pipe designed for more torque and a smooth power delivery.

Surflex clutch to provide a very progressive feel.

Heavier flywheel to help smooth out the power pulses.

Smaller countershaft sprocket (10 t) to tie the gearing perfectly to the new power delivery.

41T rear sprocket in red.

Billet throttle wheel with bearing for a sweet throttle action.

Domino grips that are wider and a little larger diameter.

Jitsie front number plate with preprinted rider name and number

Special SS graphics package that looks so cool they will make your teenagers cancel their Facebook account.

All this for only $300.00 more than a stock Evo 300! The Ti pipe is worth more than that by itself!

Retail: 8199




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